With GerritForge™, you have the best of both worlds.

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using your current credentials

GerritForge leverages your existing Enterprise LDAP and comply with your login access rules and restrictions.

  • Git authentication with your LDAP credentials.
  • Secure code-review and repository browsing.
  • Enterprise LDAP e-mail to notify users.
  • Supports multiple LDAP domains to allow the integration of your company divisions and 3rd party securely.
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Define Enterprise roles, not ACLs

Provides standard Enterprise roles to manage and delegate your access control consistently across your organisation.

  • System administrators: manage configuration.
  • Project creators: create repos with owners.
  • Project owners: add team members, assign roles and responsibilities in the project.
  • Developers and contributors: active members of the Team with access permissions to the repos.
  • Observers: external read-only members.
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Auditing and compliance

GerritForge allows your Git and Gerrit Code Review to generate the activity logs (who/does/what/when) needed your SOX or CMMI compliance rules.

  • Logon/Logoff and failure report.
  • Object access report.
  • Account and group management changes.
  • Individual user actions report.
  • Audit Policy Changes: auditing access control changes.
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Enforce governance on issues

GerritForge allows to automate and enforce your Enterprise issue-tracker workflow with the Git and Gerrit Code Review activies and actions.

  • Associate your commits and reviews to issues.
  • Enforce commits policies based on issues ownership.
  • Automate issue-tracker workflow transitions based on Code-Review validation.
  • Integrate Git and Gerrit as links from your issues.

Integrate with Enterprise ALMs

GerritForge integrate seamlessly with your existing application lifecycle management tools through its Gerrit Code Review plug-ins.

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Monitor and get statistics from your repositories

Get informed about what happens on your system and display real-time statistics on your repositories.

  • RSS feeds on repositories and users on new commits
  • Most active repositories pie-chart
  • Most active users and authors pie-chart
  • Commit trends distribution on repositories.

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